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Junior contributing editors are an asset to our team by contributing pieces to our online research forum and participating in journal wide activities.


Junior contributing editors are senior editors in-training. They help to oversee aspects of the journal and its issues, as well as contribute research articles during the semester. Every editor, senior and junior, is recommended to design an individualized research project tailored to their academic and professional needs. We believe in constantly investing in our staff by offering various opportunities in professional development, such as faculty relationships and mentorships with older students. Positions are rotated every academic year with renewal or promotion established on a case by case basis. If we find your work ethic and contributions valuable, we will ask you to consider becoming a senior editor!  


We look for students who we feel can make a significant and compelling contribution to our online forum. For non-seniors, we seek to identify students who have the potential to lead and manage the publication in the future.

While you do not need to be a freshman, sophomore, or junior to apply, we prefer that qualifying seniors take a look at our senior editing position. Additionally, individuals with prior editing or research experience should indicate this in their application and should also consider applying for a senior editing position. 

We especially look for people who can take criticism as well as offer it to others in a professional and courteous way. 

How to apply

We are currently recruiting for junior contributing positions. To apply please send a resume, small note of interest, and a writing sample to qcquarterly@gmail.com

Your writing sample should be a piece that demonstrates your writing ability. The statement of interest should include interest (if any) in editing, as well as any prior experience in research, writing, or the like.