The Social Science Quarterly at Queens College
The Social Science Quarterly at Queens College

get published in our JANUARY 2017 issue

Issues are published twice a semester and feature six student research submissions. Keep reading to find out how to submit an essay. 


You don't need to be a social sciences major to submit a piece to this journal. However, the submissions themselves must relate to any subject within the field of social science. 

Submissions should have a word count of at least 2000 words. Lengthy pieces that are usually the result of research seminars offered by our school tend to be ideal candidates for our journal.

Submissions must conform to the C.U.N.Y. policy of non-plagiarized work.

If your essay draws upon any external sources of information (which it definitely will), your essay must be accompanied with a works cited page.

Our Editorial Process

We follow a blind review process which means that all senior editors besides the chief editor won't know any names or personal information of students who submit a piece. By concealing identities, we ensure an objective and fair selection process. 

what we look for in submissions

 We look for submissions that reflect careful and high quality writing, research, and insight. Submissions should exercise a sophisticated and objective tone with a developed thesis, correct grammar, proper citations, and rich vocabulary. 

Additional Suggestions:

Make sure your piece does not make unfounded and academically dangerous over-generalizations of your topic.

Selected pieces were focused, in-depth, and compelling.

Your piece should not contain a disproportionate amount of quotes and other works to your analysis.

Selection Process

Our selection process is indeed competitive. With that being said, we strongly value creating a serious yet inclusive publication. If you submit a piece by our early deadline, our editorial staff is happy to recommend feedback to increase your chances of publishing.

Early Deadline: December 7th, 2016.

A last note, we do vet each submission for plagiarism. If it's there, we will find it.

How to submit

Along with your submission, please inform us of your major, graduation date, and a 1-2 sentence summary of your essay. Once we have received your submission, we will email you with confirmation that your submission is currently being reviewed as well as an estimated time frame when we will notify you of your decision. Regardless of our decision, we will notify you. We may require some edits before we can publish your essay. 

Most importantly, please send your submissions (including early ones) to the email submissionsatqcreview (at) This email is different than our general inquiries email. This is to protect your anonymity to ensure a fair evaluation of your piece. Submissions that are sent to our general email will not be considered. 

Final Deadline: December 21st, 2016