The Social Science Quarterly at Queens College
The Social Science Quarterly at Queens College

Letter from the Editorial Board

Dear reader,

We sincerely thank you for reading our very first issue! We are pleased to say that coming together and spending hours on writing, researching, and evaluating submissions has proven worthwhile in creating such a vital opportunity for our fellow Queens College students. With that being said, we would like to give some special thanks to several faculty and administration whose support is instrumental in the creation of this journal.

Special Thanks To Our Advisory Board:

Dr. Julie George, Political Science

Dr. Thomas Ort, History & Honors in the Social Sciences

Dr. Alexander Reichl, Political Science

Dr. Jorge Alves, Political Science

Dr. Timothy Pugh, Anthropology

Special Thanks to Queens College Staff, Faculty, & Administration:

Dr. Christopher Greaves, Alumni Relations Manager

Dr. Patricia Rachal, Chair of Political Science Department

Dr. Michael Wolfe, Dean of Social Sciences

Dr. Bobby Wintermute, Professor of History

Dr. Francois Pierre Louis, Professor of Political Science

Dr. Elena Frangakis-Syrett, Chair of History Department

Leanna Yip, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

For this issue, all editors have collaborated on a research project that generates analysis and reports on affairs in the Middle East. Compelled by the region's tremendous significance in current affairs, we sought our research to engage the nuances that have contoured its development and growth. Moving forward, we're planning to expand our coverage to issues that range from human rights, campaign finance, and education. 

With us, the sky is the limit.


The Social Science Quarterly Senior Editorial Board

Editor Debate 

Is the Iran Deal a strategic win or loss for America?

Senior editors Ryan Bergen and Joshua Megnauth lead this issue's editorial debate on the Iran Deal.

Editor Research 

Check our research highlights from our senior editors below.


selected students FOR issue 1, Vol.1.

Brian Fine, History  

Vivien Chan, Finance & Economics  

Simranjit Kaur, Neuroscience & Economics

Leandro Seligmann, Political Science

Alexander Kolokotronis, Philosophy

David Englard, Mathematics and History