The Social Science Quarterly at Queens College
The Social Science Quarterly at Queens College

Seniors, just without the senioritis. 

Senior editors are the visionaries, strategists, and thinkers who collaboratively lead and coordinate the direction of the journal and our online research hub. Keep reading to learn what we do and how you can get involved.

What are the responsibilities for senior editors?

Senior editors are responsible for selecting and editing research pieces for the journal, developing and editing articles for the journal and the website, as well as assisting with the marketing, outreach, and program development of the journal.

what are the benefits of being a senior editor?

Aside from working with awesome students, senior editors get their research published. Both senior and junior editors pursue individualized research projects tailored to their academic and professional interests. Journal members also receive exclusive access to our research design and statistical training workshops. Senior editors also undertake projects dedicated to several key areas from the creation of a marketing strategy to refining and improving our editorial approach. Lastly, editors are more than encouraged to expand our publication in ways they see fit. This leaves more than enough opportunity to engage in a leadership experience that is incredibly meaningful and collaborative.

What are the qualifications to be a senior editor?

Senior editors are most likely upperclassmen. Interested freshmen and sophomores should take a look at our junior contributing editor positions. Interested applicants must be social science majors. We look for students with exceptionable writing ability who are able to meet deadlines, work in a group, and take initiative. Experience in professional writing and research is desired, but not required.

what is the application process like?

We ask for a resume, a small note of interest, and a writing sample. We use your resume just to see what activities you've involved yourself in. Your small note of interest should indicate some things you'd like to bring to the journal either your ideas or skill set. It should also give some idea of your research interests. Your writing sample is paramount to your application. Academic essays and professional writing pieces are welcome. The writing sample should be two pages exactly. Portions of longer essays are also welcome.  Once you send that information in, we will send you a small 2-3 page writing sample in which we ask you to evaluate it. Afterwards, we schedule an interview to discuss your interest in the journal as well as your editorial methods.

When it comes to evaluating the sample writing piece, don't be worried about what you may think we want to hear. We are more concerned with the thought processes that led you to arrive at your conclusions.

Are you currently recruiting?

Yes! We have several open positions. Each position is open for either a sociology, journalism, urban studies, philosophy or anthropology major. We are specifically recruiting for these majors as they are underrepresented in our editorial board and journal (but are open to other majors within the social sciences as well). Help us change that by applying yourself or passing this information to an eligible friend. Double majors with one of these majors are eligible however minors are not.

How can i apply?

Send all related materials or any questions to qcquarterly (@)